"If you are unhappy and there’s something you can do to change your situation, you have to do it, no matter how scary it seems."

In these blog posts, we're going to introduce you to the amazing monthly contributors that help bring the Blogging Breakthrough magazine to life. Today, meet Holly, a writer for our Design section and a complete WordPress guru!

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Tell us a little bit more about you and what you do online…

I’m Holly and I’m a web developer specialising in WordPress. As a developer I write code and turn designs into fully functioning websites. I also help people to migrate their blogs from platforms such as Blogger and to self-hosted WordPress websites, and I carry out maintenance work on existing WordPress websites.

I’m really passionate about sharing my web development knowledge with others and encouraging people to take control of their websites, so I write a blog all about WordPress, web development and digital tools.

How would you spend your perfect day?

I love exploring new cities, so my perfect day would definitely be spent walking around a beautiful city with my boyfriend, taking photos, finding amazing places to eat (and drink!) and getting lost!

What inspires you?

I’m massively inspired by other women who work in the technology sector, particularly in development. I love following along their journeys and they inspire me to work harder everyday.

How have you got to where you are today?

I started teaching myself to code when I was 14. At the time I was an active user of Piczo (a drag and drop website builder aimed at teenagers) and I wanted to learn how to make “proper” websites. Web development became my hobby but I always felt like I wanted to keep it as a hobby, rather than making a career of it. So when it came time to choose what to study at university I chose geography, rather than computer science or something similar.

By the time my three years at university came to an end I had lost all interest in geography, and I wanted to pursue a career in technology. After graduating I applied for every job under the sun, just so I could afford to pay my rent, including for a few web developer positions on a whim. To my surprise, I managed to land myself a job as a junior web developer and I spent the next two and half years building tourism websites. About a year and half after being promoted to a fully fledged developer, I decided to quit my job and try my hand at freelancing. And here I am!

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt?

If you are unhappy and there’s something you can do to change your situation, you have to do it, no matter how scary it seems.

What is a moment in your life that you’re most proud of?

Moving to Liverpool when I was 18 for university is one of my proudest moments. I use to get really homesick so I never thought I’d be able to stick it. Prior to moving out I had never used a washing machine or even cooked myself a meal, so it was a big learning curve. But I survived, and I’m still living in Merseyside almost 6 years on.

What does success look and feel like for you?

Living a life that makes me happy and fulfilled, and making money doing what I love in a way that feels good.

What can we expect from your articles in Blogging Breakthrough?

I’m going to be sharing tips and advice relating the technical side of running a blog or website. WordPress is my one true love so I’ll probably be writing a lot about that! And hopefully I’ll encourage other people to learn to code too.

Quick fire round

Drink: Sangria

Food: Pasta

App: Calm

Favourite person online: Just one?! I’m currently really inspired by Laura Medalia (aka @codergirl_ on Instagram)

Holiday destination: The Algarve, Portugal

Quote: “Rock 'n' Roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them.” - Pete Townshend

Best part of your life right now: Working for myself!





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